Tuesday, September 15

Applications are running slower than usual

Yesterday I found myself wallowing in a shallow pit of sluggish misery. It was approaching 10:30 a.m. and I was mechanically nursing a third cup of coffee. The usual enjoyable nectar had become nothing more than sustenance. As I unconsciously raised my mug and took a sip, the blackness rolled over my taste buds providing… nothing, all enjoyment was gone. Now where is the fun in that?

Ally told me that she suspected Isla was getting sick, which was all the reasoning I need to convince myself that my preparation was doomed. I was done. The fact that last week’s mileage hadn’t seen such heights since the spring of '07 had nothing to do with my new reality. Nor did the accompanying fact that Sunday’s three-hour jaunt was still fresh in my legs. Nope, this fickle runner had thrown in the towel.

And so with nothing to lose, I went home that evening and made some French onion soup, complete with Gruyére and a bottle of white wine. I love slow food.

Fast-forward a few hours and I found myself reining the legs in on my jaunt to work. It’s becoming noticeably darker in the mornings, but this morning’s pale shroud was comforting. And as I clipped through Cedar Hill, a stride that I’d feared lost was found.

Tomorrow I use me new marathon shoes, the Saucony Fastwitch… no brakes!


Monday: day off (scheduled)

Tuesday: A.M. steady 53:50, P.M. easy 44:18


Wayne said...

Saucony Fastwitch… no brakes is the same marathon shoes i'll be using on raceday.

keep up the good training.

Jaymie said...

Stay on track, Michael. You are almost there and in case you forgot, your training has been bang on. Re-read your own blog for reminders. At this point in the marathon prep cycle, your mind begins to play tricks on you. Stay strong and healthy. You'll be fine and fast.

Hicham said...

Hang tough, Michael. This is normal after a long training cycle. The end is almost near and as my old triathlon coach would say, "The race is not over until you pass the finish line." So keep your head up and stay focused. Do what you have to do to keep your energy level high and your body healthy. Maybe wear a mask to work?? We'll talk soon.

Mark said...

I'll be looking to break out the Frennch onion soup myself. Stay healthy!

Vince A. said...

Enjoying your description of the final build, I am 5 going on 4weeks out as well (Baystate Marathon), and most all I can think about is eat, sleep and running. Thanks for reminding me that it's time to unwrap those new Brooks Glycerin to break em in..
Good luck.

Michael said...

Thanks Jaymie and Hicham, it's okay, I'm fine. I just try and be honest with my writing, perhaps sometimes too honest.

Mark, I hope you’re feeling better. And Vince, all the best with the Baystate Marathon, you’ll have to drop me a line and let us know how you make out.

Anonymous said...