Sunday, September 13

Royal Victoria Marathon (5-weeks out)

Consider the last seven days starched, folded and sealed in the bag… and this Glenmorangie never tasted so good.


What was supposed to be a week that saw the second highest volume in this marathon build went surprisingly well, particularly with Ally out of town for five days. In the end, I ran 90” more than I had three weeks ago and due to the rounding, squeaked out an additional kilometre topping off the week at 142km.


Friday’s double was rushed and with the weather we’ve been experiencing the last few days I felt decidedly parched. The fatigue from Thursday’s session was definitely there during my morning jaunt but somewhat removed come the afternoon.


On Saturday, I benefited from having a wonderful friend look after Isla while I snuck out for a run in the morning; Jaymie I owe you huge! The run itself was uneventful and I was surprised again, at how sluggish I felt. I was also surprised at just how far one can travel in roughly 80’. I think it’s time to make sure that I stay on top of the training from here on in.


After two days where my energy level had been left wanting, and the legs heavy, I didn’t quite know what to expect this morning. So, for the first time this year, I grabbed my ipod and after selectively loading nothing but high energy songs, I set out the door into the unknown. Sadly, I returned 6’ later as the new shoes I had purchased earlier in the week were giving me grief (I exchanged them for a new pair later that afternoon). And so it was, with boots that have seen 1,200 km if not more, I headed back out the door and into the now familiar.


From my place, it was out around Rithet’s Bog to Elk and Thetis Lake, returning via the trails at Camosun College. With time still to spare, I opted to run Blenkinsop and was surprised at how good my legs felt running up a mile long hill… after 2h40+ of running.


With four weeks until race day, this will be my last long run as I’m participating in a half marathon next weekend after which it’ll be all down hill from there. I tried the Cliff Shot Bloks again and I’ve decided to use them for the race, that and water. And so it appears that all the pieces are slowly coming into place. All I need now is to sharpen up my legs, and have the wind at my back on October 11th.


Hope everyone had an enjoyable weekend ~ cheers



Friday: A.M. easy 46:11, P.M. steady 59:15

Saturday: steady 1:18:31

Sunday: easy 2:54:14


Weekly mileage: 10h03’08”, +/- 142k or 89 miles


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike!
I have 12 x 30" repeats on upslopes on Tuesday. That would have been fun to run together on Wednesday but I did 2' reps yesterday. What time of the day are you usually running?
Looks like you are having a great build to the marathon! Great work!

Michael said...

Yesterday, damn it! Oh well, and if I wasn't running the marathon 12x30" sounds fun. I usually run either early morning or after work; sometimes both. Try emailing me at work tomorrow and let's see if we can work something out: Michael dot Lord at gov dot bc dot ca

somebody said...