Thursday, September 10

Mr. Mom

My legs ache, I’m tired and I still have to make tomorrow’s lunch. Luckily, Isla is asleep, I’m imbibing a cold beer, and the week’s main workout is now behind me.


With Ally away in Edmonton all week, I’ve had to adjust to a new routine not entirely of my own making. I have a new respect for single parents.

My day now consists of waking up at midnight, 3:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. before finally beginning the day just before 6:00. Warm-up some of yesterday’s coffee (sacrilegious I know), getting dressed, packing my day bag, waking Isla up (she’s slept in all week… a blessing). Changing and dressing Isla. Feeding Isla. Changing Isla again. Grabbing baby, day bag, her day bag and keys before piling into the car. Running back into the house after forgetting Isla’s lunch. Drop Isla off at daycare. Drive to work. Run. Shower. Work. Pick Isla up. Feed, play and change Isla, while making both of our lunches. Throw two loads of laundry into washer. Water lawn. Read to Isla, before putting her to bed. Sit down, enjoy cold beer. Miss Ally.

With my legs feeling lethargic after Sunday’s (unplanned) up-tempo run, I decided to bump Tuesday’s scheduled w/o to Thursday. So it was that after a short warm-up, I found myself in Beacon Hill Park and about to begin my last significant MP session.

I felt smooth for the first mile, passing in 6:02, but then began a rough patch. Are you allowed rough patches that early? It took my until about the 10k marker until I settled into a comfortable rhythm and rode out the remaining miles. Given the early (4:00 a.m.) start to the day, I was pleased. And now bed.


Monday: easy 34:55

Tuesday: easy 1:20:27

Wednesday: steady 50:54

Thursday: 1:18:41 with 15k MP 56:42