Sunday, September 6

Royal Victoria Marathon (6-weeks out)

As far as rest/recovery weeks go, the last seven days were satisfying. With Monday off, I managed to keep my running reigned in for the next four days. I think an honest litmus test is the fact that I’m now extremely eager to resume the training, a comforting (and all too often rare) feeling passing through the half way point of the marathon program.


We were off to Galiano Island for the long weekend, which meant I was out the door exceptionally early on Saturday. After a short jog down an eerie and dank Lochside Trail, I popped up onto the embankment overlooking the Blenkinsop Valley, to see Ian and Aseed warming up for our early morning session. My w/o had called for 6x1200 at 5kP but with time pressing I decided to adapt and instead ran the intervals on Donwood Crescent, a route I used once before while tapering for Boston. At that time, I was feeling uninterested, tired and unsure of my training. If nothing else, when comparing my present state of mind it couldn’t be more like chalk and cheese.


With no time for a real warm-up, we started into the first interval. Within the first few strides, I knew I was running too quickly and really struggled to slow down. The feeling was butter… incredible. I quickly gapped Aseed, and was surprised to find myself running stride for stride with Ian up the only incline. Upon finishing the 1100m loop, I was stunned to see my time of 3:25, 15” faster than what I had expected.


On April 8th, I ran 4x Donwood with the laps passing in: 3:37, 3:37, 3:36 and 3:35.


This time around, they were drastically different: 3:25, 3:26, 3:33, 3:31, 3:31 and 3:39.


This week is going to be busy, what with Ally out of town until Saturday evening; I don’t know if I should feel more sorry for Isla or me. Currently, and it’s only 8:30 p.m., she went down without a peep. To make the next few days that much more entertaining, this week is supposed to see my second highest volume in preparation for RVM. Wish me luck.



Thursday: easy 43:41

Friday: steady 54:55

Saturday: 1:08:52 w/ 6x Donwood (2.5’) 5kP

Sunday: quite strong/undulating 1:13:15


Weekly mileage: 5h21’39”, +/- 75k or 47 miles


Thomas said...

How are you going to run if you have to mind the baby?

Enviously fast pace for the repeats, but they DID become slower as the workout went on.

Michael said...

Hi Thomas,

I sneak in a run after dropping Isla off at childcare. That, and work 6 1/2 hour days... they owe me.

As for the w/o, I know. I would've felt a lot better had I not bombed the last one. It felt good though, just slow.

Jaymie said...

Hey Michael,

If you need a babysitter to get in a run, let me know! I could help you out on the weekend if Ally's not back.


Anonymous said...