Thursday, September 17

New Sensations

When I left the office yesterday evening it was wet out, nothing noteworthy but just the odd sprink to remind me that we live on the wet coast of Canada. That said, I found the overcast skies and damp air comforting, it was like putting on a pair of sunglasses after walking into a blinding sun for hours on end. Soothing.


Yesterday was also the first time that I tried out my new marathon shoes, the Saucony Fastwitch 3. Running home, I feel self-conscious at the best of times when I leave work, but wearing new shoes only drew attention in an building where my skinny legs are already an oddity.

As I jogged through Fairfield and toward Oak Bay, I welcomed the feather-like feeling. What I didn’t enjoy was the every-so-slight pressure on my left achilles, entirely unsolicited. The w/o passed quickly, and I found myself running out of room as I approached home. I made a concerted effort to keep my exertion under control, but on more than one occasion couldn’t help but get swept along to the gentle ‘tick’ of my feet leaving the road.

Once home I iced my achilles and opted to run today in my well worn (1,200+ km) Asics. Achilles still tender.

This weekend was supposed to be my last marathon pace session, 3x10km descending to MP. Given that I haven’t raced in three months, I’ve decided to run the Lands End Half Marathon instead. I figure the increased speed will make up for that lack of distance. Regardless, I give my Fastwitch another go, hopefully breaking them in rather than the alternative. If I survive, and the shoes don’t, I’m at a loss come race day. I loved the original Fastwitch.


Wednesday: 1:16:37 with 10x2’ (1’)

Thursday: easy 50:15