Wednesday, September 23

A Steady Recovery

Not much to report other than the fact that I was surprised at how sore my legs were on Monday morning. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been given the pins were just as sore on Sunday night, but nevertheless, I was still surprised.

Ally suggested that perhaps I underestimated the “half marathon”. I think there is truth in that.


With the marathon less than three weeks away, I’m hoping to remain on top of my training and recover properly from last weekend’s race. I was lucky enough to get in and see Janet for a massage on Monday, and I’ve made sure to keep the last couple of days light and easy.

The next few days will be more of the same; easy running.


Today mind you, felt fantastic. It was nothing more than an easy jaunt down the Goose to work, but my feet (and achilles) didn’t hurt and there was a bounce in my stride. After having significantly reduced my mileage last week, and with this weeks volume following a similar trajectory it’s safe to say I’ve been… well, tapering.


Game on.



Monday: day off (scheduled)

Tuesday: easy 41:58

Wednesday: easy 36:09