Saturday, March 31


… Jim, this one's for you. I wasn’t looking forward to this mornings run, and unfortunately I had nobody to blame but for myself (and Joe, the bastard). For the first time since I can remember, Ally was out of bed before I was. I didn’t get up until I’d reached my 7h30 sleep quota, coincidentally arriving at the same time as Jim’s phone call.

After grunting at each other, Jim laughing at my miserable state; we agreed to push back the workout 90’, I love the guy. Nevertheless, 10:30 rolled around fast enough, and we made our way to BHP to begin the festivities, the plan: 45’at MP (5:55-7 mi/pace) + 10’ at HMP (5:46 mi/pace). We opened the first mile with leisurely 5:55 (151, 163) which I was happy with (no more opening 5:40s). After that we looped along the waterfront averaging 5:54 mi/pace for the next 39:14 (160, 164) returning to the park to finish with the HMP, the first mile a 5:41 (163, 165), and then easing back to a civilized 5:44 mi/pace (161, 165).

My legs felt comfortable and strong throughout, almost disengaged from the rest of my foggy body. That said, the w/o didn’t feel as easy as I’d hoped but then I suspect running a 2h35 marathon isn’t going to be easy. I was grateful for the company; you have to love having friends who can pace you through “your” MP, while they easily jog beside you without breaking a sweat… ah, you just have to love having friends.

A.M. 1:14:27, w/ 45’at MP + 10’ at HMP, AHR 151, MAX 165
P.M. a smooth 43:27. Started out with an enjoyable 7:45 mile, but after warming, the legs settled in at a comfortable 6:34... what's with that? I passed by three elite popsicles as they iced their legs in the ocean. I decided to stop the run a few minutes early as my heart felt exhausted. I don't know how else to describe it, my body felt fine, I had energy, but my heart felt as if it was working to hard (HR seemed normal though). The plan is to go to bed early tonight, made that much easier as the Canucks are losing 3:0 at the moment... to Calgary?


rumon said...

You're a demon.

I'm referring to the running.

Not the drinking.

Alright, you're pretty good at that too.

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