Wednesday, May 2

Rest & recovery

Yesterday, for the first time since jogging down the Mall, grateful that my journey was ending, my legs felt like heavy brittle glass. After not running Monday, I was eager to head out, and for a disproportionate amount of the day I imagined myself running loops around BHP, enjoying the wildflowers and soft terrain… reality didn’t disappoint. Leaving the house I was shocked at the sense of freedom in my achilles, heel and plantar, everything felt oiled, moving with the efficiency of a master crafted Swiss timepiece. I effortlessly glided along the trails, my stride length and frequency feeling fine-tuned.

It was after about 30’ that I noticed my legs growing weighty; I’ll just finish this loop I told myself. It was then, perhaps every tenth step that I become aware of how brittle my quads appeared. Despite running on supple fresh grass, my legs were anything but, rather my footfalls landing with the gracefulness of a startled wildebeest. I thinks it’s time for that post race massage, and tonight, at the very least an epsom salt bath.

Training: easy 45:42, AHR 134