Thursday, August 30

Days remembered, a beginning

I wasn’t going to run today, not that I didn’t want to or that it wasn’t on the schedule, but with work busier than it has been in months and the days quickly booking up with meetings, well, I left the office closer to 5:00 rather than my standard 3:00 and as such I’d lost my running window. That said, after watching a rented episode of Rome (thanks Lawrence), and the missus fast asleep, it appears an alternate “late night” window has presented itself.

Running when it’s dark reminds me of a) running in the late afternoon during the wet coast winters we all so dearly love and b) days remembered, days when my life as a runner was forged.

It was during the second of year of my university career, and although I ran, I wouldn’t have called myself a runner. Runners were fast, or if nothing else, defined by qualities and attitudes that I didn’t then posses. As fortune would have it I befriended a graduate student who was living in our dorm and who was (or at least used to be) a runner. The informal nods in the hall turned to casual conversations (I can only guess disguised as opportunities to assess one another’s ability). Regardless, with defenses down, we began weekly jaunts, which then progressed to a weekend night long run. First 15k, which felt much longer back then, but not near as long as the first time Eric dragged me around his favourite 21k loop… tonight I remember it like it was yesterday, the first time in my life that I ran half-a-marathon. If I only knew then were that road would take me.

As so, as soon as I finish posting this, I’ll be lacing up my shoes for a late night stroll, nothing epic, but enjoyable all the same.

Thanks Eric.

Training: I’m just leaving, I’ll complete this in the morning

P.s. 23:47 easy, I didn't say it wasn going to be long (felt good)!