Wednesday, November 19

Boston Advice

I know that there are at least four of you out there who are registered to run Boston next April. This, perhaps, is for you. A friend of mine, Brad, ran Boston last year and I sent him an email a few days ago asking whether the hills were as bad as I hear and if he had any advice on training. This is his response:

“My advice would be to make sure you go to the bathroom BEFORE heading toward the start line. I saw a guy get DQ'd on his way to the corrals for going pee in a bush. They are ruthless. As a result of the fear of being caught I jumped into a port-a-potty about 6 miles in, which I think hurt me as I cramped up later. The immediate stop and go into a hot booth and then run again couldn't have helped things.

And don't stop at Wellesley to kiss girls. Even is they say "I'm Canadian!” I do not think that helped either.

The hills weren't bad because I was cramping and going slowly by the time I got there, but really, they aren't anything to be worried about. Get some good downhill run training in for the first 6 miles of the race and don't go out too fast. Oh yeah, get more than one hour sleep the night before as well.

Seriously, next time I would include more race pace training in my long runs, I would do the downhill running again in my training, I would stay in a hotel and pay the money for it, I wouldn't do the expo twice and I wouldn't walk around watching the Olympic trials and then go around looking for places to eat, and I would fly in a day earlier (I arrived at 12:30am Sunday morning). The bus ride out and all that stuff, I don't think that had much of an effect, not as much as the rest of the stuff… it was fun!

It was my first big marathon, so you experienced this in London, but it is amazing to have so many people cheering all the way!”

Training: hilly, steady 1:10:43


Thomas said...

"don't stop at Wellesley to kiss girls" - damn, that was the part I was looking forward to most.

Despite all the great advice I think you have to experience the race once on your own body to really learn the lessons. You can then apply them on your second try (not that I'm likely to to it twice.)

Love2Run said...

Oh boy! How long do you have? Maybe I should start a separate essay. Brad's right.

DON'T spend too much time at the expo or on your feet the day before. DON'T worry about being passed by hundreds early on because you could be passing even more at the end.

DO find a bathroom or bring you own to the start line (those gatorade bottles have many uses after all they become empty). DO come early to Boston. DO go to the bathroom BEFORE you get on the bus. DO bring something to sit on at the village. DO come prepared for any weather. DO kiss the girls from Canada! DO high five the little kids being help in parents arms. DO savor the experience of this race and let your time be what it is. DO live and run in the moment just like the Kenyans. DO train for the downills. And most of all DO BOSTON and have fun!

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