Friday, November 28


With Monday a scheduled day off followed by not one but three easy days, I feel like I’ve been cheating myself… procrastinating. I guess it wasn’t until being forced to enjoy four easy days in a row that I began to understand the concept of a recovery week. I’ve always been keen of my one day off a week but then I typically begin back into various combinations of volume and intensity. I like this approach, less is more.

Sadly, in amongst all the rest and recovery I seem to have tweaked by back. I was running into work yesterday morning when my foot lost traction on a slick manhole cover. I must’ve slipped less than an inch but it was enough to trigger a spasm in my back, the kind that takes your breath away. I walked for a few steps and then continued on my way, trying to relax my back and hoping the movement would do it good. Twenty-four hours later, it’s still sore.

Jon and Dave left for Japan on Thursday, in preparation for their marathon next weekend. And Marilyn is back east, racing Nationals this weekend… all the best to everyone!

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: easy 41:45
Wednesday: easy 42:24
Thursday: easy 40:14
Friday: A.M. steady 43:55, P.M. steady 44:28