Friday, November 14

But all the colours mix together, to grey

Of or relating to an achromatic colour of any lightness between the extremes of black and white.

I’m (still) weary. Yesterday I ended up leaving the office 90’ later than planned. It was dark, cool, verging on crisp, and the streets lit with what was almost a full moon. Weaving my way through Fairfield, I felt light on my feet and energetic. Yet as I approached the university before turning west towards home, I was exhausted. The fatigue was equal parts physical and mental.

How much longer do I run? A week, month, just until Boston? My left shin hurts. What next? It’s officially cold out. Will this be my last marathon? I’m chilled. Why are these thoughts running through my head, do I acknowledge them or pretend I can’t hear? I should’ve left earlier, I’m starving. I’m thirsty, I need a pint.

Today was only marginally better. With only having to pop into the office for a few hours this morning, I stayed in bed an extra 30’ longer pretending to sleep. I need to work on my imagination. My run into the office was a drab mix of greys.

[photo taken along the Galloping Goose Trail heading into Victoria, having run for 10’]

Thursday: steady 1:04:09
Friday: A.M. easy 34:57, P.M. TbD