Sunday, November 23

Where does the time go?

My head hurts. In spite of an extremely busy week at work, and most certainly not because of it, I managed to squeeze in all of my scheduled runs and logged +/- 95% of the volume. I can’t, and won’t complain.

Saturday saw the group back out at Beacon Hill on another seasonably warm and sunny autumn morning. The grass was heavy with dew, and after a gentle warm-up, I opted for my spikes having only worn them once before. Sadly, I believe I may have missed some key pre-workout instructions at this point.

With a new and loud whistle, Jon sounded the start and like a pack of yowling foxhounds, we churned across the all-weather pitch and drove into the first grassy rise. The first interval was supposed to be at 5-k pace and I believe I achieved this and if anything was a tad conservative. I love the sensation of sprinting across a grassy field with spikes.

After a brief rest, we began the second piece which was supposed to be run at 10-k pace (while still recovering from the first effort). It was here I dug myself a shallow grave as I probably ran too hard and as a result faded on the second 7.5’ effort. Ever the generous man, Jon suggested I finish the w/o after the third 5-k part.

With a sore achilles, damn spikes, Hicham and I went enjoyed a relaxing yet undulating jaunt out at Thetis this morning capping off three consistent weeks of running. Here’s to a good week ahead, whatever that may bring.

Thursday: A.M. easy 40:01, P.M. easier 41:11
Friday: 39:43
Saturday: 1:13:55 with 3x (2.5’ (2’), 7.5’) (2’)
Sunday: easy 1:28:19

Weekly mileage: 7h48’18”, +/- 109-k or 68 miles