Tuesday, November 18


[Crossroads; {used with a singular or plural verb} - (a) the place where roads intersect, (b) a point at which a vital decision must be made and (c) a main center of activity]

I set my alarm for 5:20, and went to bed dreading the inevitable. The first time I woke up was 2:30, convinced that I was I only had 20’ more to sleep but aware that the math wasn’t correct. I replayed this scenario a half a dozen more times before finally hopping out of bed at 5:15.

Apart from a much earlier than usual start to the day, a trip to Vancouver and late homecoming, my day was productive and enjoyable. As for the running, I enjoyed two undulating jaunts, one to work, and one returning home. However, it was on the return trip that I felt fluid, not fast mind you. But despite taking it easy I sensed my running improved and almost imperceptibly disengaged from all too worn plateau and cautiously started to rise.

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: A.M. early 39:18, P.M. hilly 37:26


Mike said...

Lately I've been all too familiar w/ the sleep pattern you describe. . . and after a few days I go out for a workout only to discover that the cupboard is bare - not much fun.

I hope you can get some sleep!

Michael said...

... me too. She's bound to settle down one day, right? At the moment though I only have one w/o a week so it's not too bad.

Anonymous said...