Sunday, November 2

Next Steps

And to think I was so proud of myself for posting two days in a row at the beginning of last week, pathetic. My week didn’t wrap up quite as I had planned but given I left like crap on Thursday and had two days off (one unplanned), I shouldn’t be too disappointed. But still.

That said, Saturday was glorious and Sunday was better. At first it was a return to CHGC for some shorter intervals on the trails, followed the next day by one of the more relaxing and enjoyable jaunts in a good month or more. I suppose at times it might be easy to become too focused on moving forward and forget to look around, thanks Carter.

Later that day I met Jon Brown for coffee, double shot Americano, and listened to what he had to say about training. We chatted about life, children and traded stories about racing; he had much more interesting tales than me. It looks as if I’m going to be working with him as I prepare for Boston in April. I couldn’t be more excited as it’s not that often I get to benefit from someone of his knowledge and skill. The clincher for me, was both of us sharing a similar approach to training.

Here’s to a more productive week, fun times ahead!

Thursday: 1:00:01 with 15’ + 10’ + 5’ tempo (5’)
Friday: day off (unscheduled)
Saturday: 1:00:57 with 4x2’ (1’) + 6x1’ (30”) + 10x30” (30”)
Sunday: easy 1:30:58

Weekly mileage: 5h19’15”, 75-k or 47 miles (and to think I said I needed to run more)


Chris said...


Nice decision, I am sure Jon will be very good for you.

You do know that he is on the advisory panel for the Lydiard Foundation right?

...this will be good!

Mike said...

Wow, getting to work w/ a guy like Jon Brown can certainly take your training to a new level. Congrats!

Love2Run said...

Cool, I sense an eagerness to get started on the road to Boston. Good luck with your plans.

Brad Cunningham said...

You know, you could have a coach with less experience than a guy who has finished 4th at the Olympics. He might know something about some running stuff.

Michael said...

Do you want to coach me then Brad, is that what you're getting at? You are faster than me.

I've only ever had one real coach, and that was Bruce (for 18 months). The rest was self taught, with input at times from Jimmy. No, more than anything I'm just really curious to see what Jon has to offer.

When are you over here next, I owe you a long run.

Anonymous said...