Sunday, November 16

How Soon Is Now

I like the Smiths, but that is an entirely different story. I was late getting out for my jaunt today but it wasn’t all that bad. It allowed me to enjoy a cool, and more important quiet, autumn evening; I love night running at this time of year. I hadn’t been out for more than a mile when I spotted my first set of Christmas lights. And I ask, “how soon is too soon”?

I don’t think I could’ve run a more consistent week had I tried. This feat is more remarkable as I was supposed to run twice on Friday but decided to bag it as it would’ve cost me my marriage, certainly my short-term health.

On Saturday, I was back at Beacon Hill Park with the group and despite only having had four hours sleep I knocked off a great session. The workout called for 8x3’ at half marathon to 10k pace. With the primary goal to finish the workout (feeling strong), I decided to run the first four at HM effort, build five & six and then nail the last two. As we were running on the same cursed mile+ hilly grass loop it was difficult to get an accurate sense of pacing, but whether I managed to actually descend the workout was moot as I felt comfortable at the end (a far cry from last week). I got a real chuckle when after passing someone on the sixth interval, I was asked, “if my breakfast had just reached my legs”?

The week ahead looks to be more of the same, allowing the body some consistent training. I managed tweak my right knee yesterday. I can quite remember what triggered it, picking Isla up or putting her down? On the other hand, it could’ve been lifting the damn ExerSaucer thingy, regardless the knee was twisted and I’m going to have to keep tabs on it.

Here’s to a good week ahead.

Saturday: 1:25:29 with 8x3’ (1.5’) HMP-10kP
Sunday: easy 1:25:26

Weekly mileage: 6h43’28”, 94-k or 59 miles