Sunday, November 30


Despite an uncooperative and sore back, I was able to round out the week with a couple of solid runs.

The weekend was met with a dank foggy shroud whose remnants still linger in corners of the city. I drove down to Beacon Hill Park where our new group typically meets on Saturday mornings, but with so many of the crew either out of town or racing I was surprised to find I was running solo. Still, what could have been a very lonely affair allowed me to an opportunity to run the session at my pace and not feel pressured. I loved every minute of the mud-covered affair.

The workout called for 5x5’ at 10kP but rather than start too fast, I decided to begin at half-marathon effort (probably something closer to 10kP) and wind things up. I got this idea after watching this video (sorry for the link, I was having difficulty posting it however this is a must watch):

Sunday, was a long easy trudge under once again damp conditions; I guess winter has finally settled in. Thomas can relate. Sadly, I seem to have aggravated my left achilles/heel which accompanied with my aching back leaves me a sorry sight. So much for a recovery week.

Saturday: 1:09:00 with 5x5’ (1.5’) at 10kP
Sunday: easy 1:42:05

Weekly mileage: 6h23’51”, +/- 89-k or 56 miles