Sunday, December 28

Although it’s been said many times, many ways...

... Merry Christmas!

This last week was to be easy, which it was, but far easier than intended.

One can usually count on Victoria getting a dusting of snow once or twice a year, usually. This year was far from usual. Having received over two feet of snow at our place, and closer to four at me ma’s, getting out for a run was more difficult than expected, but, perhaps for the best.

Christmas morning saw my sister, her boyfriend and me out for our annual Christmas Day jaunt. Last year when Matt and I ran up Maple Mountain, we discovered fresh cougar tracks. This year, the weather, not the animals kept it interesting. After running, jogging and eventually jumping through 3’-4’ drifts we were exhausted, making it about a third of the way up. Still, with the sun shining and a hearty dinner on the way it was all good.

I wasn’t able to get out with the crew on Saturday morning so instead ran the Shadywood Mile that afternoon. The loop, not quite a mile but not quite shady either, was relatively dry, snow free and lacking cars. Perfect. What wasn’t so perfect was my perceived pedestrian pace.

Sunday. Black-ice. Not fun. Regardless, the time on my feet was well spent.

It was while talking with the missus yesterday that I confessed to feeling out of shape. Notwithstanding normal post-Christmas sensations, I feel tired and that I’m slowly slipping behind the eight ball. On the plus side, I’m more determined than I have been in weeks to focus my resolve and begin, however slowly, to wind things up toward April.

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: day off (unscheduled)
Wednesday: day off (unscheduled)
Christmas: snowy 54:07
Boxing Day: day off (unscheduled)
Saturday: 1:03:03 with 5x5’ 10kE (1.5’)
Sunday: slippery 1:53:09

Weekly mileage: 3h50’19”, +/- 54-k or 34 miles (missed too much)


Cliff said...


I hope you had a great Christmas...

heard you guys are getting a lot of snow dumped upon.

Love2Run said...

A nice little break is probably just what the doctor/coach ordered. We should think about a plan to have a meal together in Boston with Thomas, Andrew, Marc etc. Happy New Year!

Mark said...

Michael, is it okay if I add you as a link on my blog for running Boston '09?

Michael said...

Love2Run, would love to hook up with you guys, that sounds like a great idea!

Mark, fine wiht me!

More later...

Marc said...

Michaela - Happy New year to you and your family! Running through 3 and 4 foot snow drifts sounds like fun. Exhausting, but fun.

I think I'd rather run through snow, however, than to come across cougar tracks or worse yet, a cougar.

Boy, I can relate to being behind the eight ball.

The determination and resolve is certain to gain traction.

Marc said...

Sorry about that Michael, I was thinking of my wife, Michaela, when I started the post.

Michael said...

Marc, I'm happy to see that you think of your wife over me... I'd be worried (as would she) if it were any other way.

"Behind the eight ball", what is next on the schedule?

Anonymous said...