Monday, December 8


Meant to post before now (my bad). Last weekend was the AGSI Canadian National Cross Country Championships, held in Guelph, Ontario. Marilyn ran in the Senior Women's event, a 7-k race.

The weather: 0C and snow covered.

The result: Marilyn placed 6th overall with a time of 25:59. Well done my friend! As for me, today was about commuting/racing to and from work... I won.

Training: day off (scheduled)


Cliff said...


Now that's a tough run....thanks for sharing.

I am still hitting the pool. I will have enough time in the chlorine bath for the both of us :D

though is time to start going out for some trail running.

Grellan said...

Michael, I read about the barefoot shoes in Matt Fitzgeralds "Brain Training for Runners". He is a fan of minimalist shoes and these are as close as you get to having nothing on your feet. He recommends them for those who have constant footwear associated injury issues. Should be great for running on your grass workouts.

Anonymous said...