Wednesday, December 3


Tonight was the first evening in weeks, perhaps months where I felt I could have used my running gloves, any gloves for that matter. Sadly, said gloves were at home resting nicely in front of the fireplace and my not quite long enough shirtsleeves just didn’t cut it. On a much more positive note, my back is getting incrementally better as is my achilles/heel.

As for the running, yesterday I enjoyed what is fast becoming my typical mid-week double. In this case, an easy jaunt to and from work. Incredibly, although I took slightly different routes I was surprised that my morning running, when still half asleep, was the quicker of the two.

This evening called for an easy but hilly jaunt, unfortunately with it now dark when I leave work in the evenings my options are limited. Tonight then, I ran more than my share of the seven sisters, up and over Mount Tolmie and home. I didn’t feel like I was pushing the pace at all, in fact if anything I made sure my effort was on the pedestrian side of the street. Still, as I was cresting the far side of the mountain (read hill), I was surprised to find that despite an elongated start, I was left with 10’ to make up.

And yes, our tree is up; more photos to follow.

Monday: day off (scheduled)
Tuesday: A.M. easy 36:40, P.M. easier 39:46
Wednesday: 1:17:01 hilly


Love2Run said...

Baby's 1st Christmas, of course the tree is up early! I didn't 'get' you cool ornament at 1st. Very nice!

Cliff said...

Hey Michael,

Sorry for the late reply. you were asking what do I have plan next year.

Here's my tentative race schedule:

Around the Bay (end of March)
Muskoka Long Course (June)
Half Ironman Peterborough (July)
World Transplant Games (Aug)


I was thinking about going for the sauga marathon in May. Just think going for a mary will take too long for me to recover for the tris.

I hope you are training well gearing up for Boston. As for my end, swimming everyday with a sprinkle of running and biking.

Anonymous said...