Sunday, December 14

Snow Day

I’ve been feeling weary for days and regardless of the reason (work, running, the baby or a touch of a cold) the snow that arrived last night couldn’t have come soon enough.

Up until this week, Isla hasn’t been sleeping longer than 2-3 hours (and in the early morning typically not more than 1) before standing up in the crib and crying. At a recent check-up, the doctor had even told us that Isla was one of those children that just needed a lot of food and subsequently the missus would have to endure with the countless late night feedings. Understandably, though, after 7+ months of this Ally, Isla and I were becoming tired with the practice. So, after speed-reading through three books on Monday night, Ally & I put our plan into action. Said plan appears to have worked as the babe has cut her wakenings from 5-6 down to 1-2. Alas, for me this has meant an extremely long week, as I’ve been the one getting up with her. Still, I’d gladly trade one week of heavy eyelids for months of sleeping through the night… and a happy wife.

Thursday and Friday were filled with trouble-free commutes to and from work, just steady easy miles.

Saturday morning saw me back on the grass of Beacon Hill Park, and Jon having returned to coach the gang through the workout (afterwards sharing a few tales from Japan). I’d give myself a B+ on the day, I built through the 10-k segments but faded on my ME recovery.

Last night, conditions that the weatherman had been threatening all week arrived with vengeance (20 cm of snow accompanied with 90 km/h gusting winds). Typically, I’d be overjoyed and head out into the snow setting as many fresh tracks as I can. This morning though, I was drained before I even left the house, and after making a loop through Bow Park I knew I was going to end early, either that or pay in the days/weeks to follow.

I found myself fatigued and devoid of enjoyment. Trying to make the most out of the morning, I turned off my music, put away the earphones and then stood under the tall trees in Mount Doug. For a good minute, I listened to the wind howl, watching small birds fluttering busily from tree to tree and then traced a snowflake as it fell, catching it on my tongue. The last 20’ were a real struggle but I returned home with a smile on my face.

Thursday: easy 39:35
Friday: A.M. steady 37:02, P.M. easy 41:45
Saturday: 1:18:37 with 10x3’ (continuous) alternating between ME & 10-kE
Sunday: desperate 1:15:25

Weekly mileage: 7h09’37”, +/- 100-k or 63 miles


Thomas said...

Playing in the snow is always fun!

Saturday's workout sounds pretty good.

Mike said...

Michael that workout seems like a nice endurance builder. Something like 820m-850m repeats at 10k pace w/ quick paced recoveries.

Something for me to keep in mind as a substitute for a threshold workout - alternating those specific paces sounds like a great idea. Good job!

Grellan said...

There's nothing more tiring that the early years of child rearing. You bring back fond memories (glad that they are memories though)

Love2Run said...

Glad to hear you're coping with the weather and the child. Sleep deprivation is not good over the long term. I like that workout on Sat too!

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. THe w/o was a lot of fun and all the more enjoyable as it was a) on grass and b) run with friends.

I did a similar one when training with Bruce Deacon for Ottawa '06: 9xmile (alternating 2:45 800, and 3:00 800), continuous.

And then for Sacramento later that year: 2x5k alternating 3:30 & 3:40 km's (10kP and HMP), with a 6:45 mile between sets.

Have a try and let me know what you think, have fun.

Mike said...

Thanks Michael. I'd need to adjust the paces a bit slower to what would be my 10k and ME paces.

That first one - 9 continuous miles at 5:45 pace would be way out of my reach at the moment!

Anonymous said...