Sunday, December 21

Unconventional training... ouch

My lower back aches, my biceps are still pumped, I’m tired and my calves and quadriceps feel like I’m recovering from a late season marathon. Oh the joy of a white Christmas.

The snow has been welcomed, for the most part. Yeah, it has hindered my training (I missed about an hour this week), but rather now than March. As for the training that I have managed to squeak in, well, most of it has been left wanting.

Friday was bitterly cold, made all the more pleasurable with an accompanying icy wind.
Ian stopped by on Saturday afternoon and after ensuring we were sufficiently bundled, we slid down the back path and onto the Lochside Trail. We trudged are away into the heart of Broadmead and were able to run our workout on a partially clear, undulating but not so busy Emily Carr Dr. I hung with Ian on the first one, at least I was able to see him when we finished the interval, but was dropped like a bag of salt on the second. My last repeat was simple, unadulterated survival.

I had hoped to get out for a jaunt early yesterday morning. It didn’t happen. After shovelling nearly two feet of snow, chopping some wood and going for a walk with the family (read carrying a bundled child strapped to my chest), I was done. Perfect time to go for a run. Jon had suggested I get out for an easy two hours. That was last Monday, prior to our wintery conditions. I looped around Mount Doug, climbing over countless fallen trees, before slogging down Thistlewood, Faithwood and my favourite Maltwood. From here it was straight home and none too soon.

Friday: chilly 45:17
Saturday: hard fought 1:08:38 with 3x10’tempo (2.5’)
Sunday: strenuous 1:18:53

Weekly mileage: 7h14’45”, +/- 101-k or 63 miles (missed 1h15)


rumon said...

Man, Isla is looking ever more like her dad (poor dear! ;-)) (And no, not a reference to the food-as-abstract-art episode.) Can't wait to see that little gal (and your taller one) soon.

Marc said...

Shoveling snow, running in snow, chopping wood...I think I am experiencing sympathy pains.

Wonderful picture of Isla, beautiful blue eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike! We missed you at BH on Saturday! I'm glad you got a wo in. Maybe we'll see you out this weekend?
Isla is sure sweet!

Mark said...

Happy Holidays from the land of the Boston Marathon!

I thought I spotted a tooth coming in on that photo-if not good times are a comin' good luck!

Anonymous said...