Sunday, December 7

Holiday Cheer

Yesterday I met Ian, Jim and The Toddler down at Beacon Hill for a workout on the grass. I’ve been enjoying the group training the last few weeks and this weekend was no different. With Jim and Todd out for only an easy run, they sat on my shoulder for most of the session, typically passing me in the last minute or two and quickly disappearing over a never-ending series of hills. Although I’m only running one speed w/o a week, I feel I’m slowly coming around. Slowly.

Last night was all about holiday cheer, and in my case perhaps too much. After coercing my mum to baby-sit, Ally and I skipped out of the house and after visiting my sister we attended a party that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the “Rich and Famous”. After driving downtown, we smartly caught a taxi home, which meant I had a chore to do in the morning. I cursed that last glass almost every step of the run. Retrieving the car was made much more difficult on the heels of excessive wine and an unsympathetic child.

Congratulations to Jon and Dave who ran 2:12:27 and 2:27:28 respectively at the Fukuoka Marathon in Japan. Jon made the Canadian A+ standard so will be pleased but given he split the half in 1:04:04, he clearly wanted more. Dave sadly won’t be quite so happy with his performance but you’re not going to reach your goals unless you try. Hard fought Dave.

Saturday: 1:10:44 with 5’ (2’), 10’ (2’), 5’
Sunday: tough 1:39:36

Weekly mileage: 7h26’08”, +/- 104-k or 65 miles