Wednesday, December 10

The Return

Feeling fast, running slow; that statement pretty much summed up how I felt yesterday.

With my backpack in place, I set off for work along Quadra. After tracing this darkened route at least three times a week, it has almost become part of my morning routine. Almost.

The rolling hills no longer bother me, and as the run nears its end, me weaving through the downtown core, I typically feel good. And yesterday was no exception. I felt fine, what with a smooth stride and a relaxed arm carriage. What I couldn’t help but notice though, and this was confirmed on return home, was my rather pedestrian pace. But then again I suppose it’s better than feeling like crap and running slowly. Frightening.

When I read Wednesday’s workout on Monday afternoon, I received an instant reminder of what was down the road. Yup, I suppose, and at this point I can only guess, but this is probably the start (however slowly) of some marathon preparation. Nothing marathon specific as I’d need to be in much better shape for that too occur. Still, there was no escaping the feeling this evening as I was 30’ into a 40’ ME piece. I was ‘running’ again, and feeling good.

Tuesday: A.M. easy 39:31, P.M. easy 38:50
Wednesday: 1:18 52 with 40’ marathon effort (ME)