Sunday, February 1

Boston Marathon (11-weeks out)

“The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed in these two: common-sense and perseverance.” – O. Feltham

A change in the wind: I rounded out my week with three different yet extremely enjoyable runs, the sort of experiences that leave you coming back for more. And so after unlacing my shoes yesterday morning and placing them beside the fireplace, I could only be happy with the last seven days. Still, my training continues to be in a holding pattern of sorts, but with the first of two preparatory half-marathons on the horizon, the landscape is undoubtedly going to change.

Despite frigid temperatures on Friday afternoon, Carter was kind enough to meet me in town and keep me company on the way home. We traced our way along the waterfront and through Oak Bay only to part ways at the edge of the forest surrounding Mount Doug. Running with this guy is always good fun particularly when he’s out of shape (which I fear won’t be for too much longer).

Saturday on the other hand was brutal and left me yearning for more runs with Carter. The schedule called for three sets, alternating 5’ at 10kE and 2.5’ at 5kE. I should be recounting how strong I felt, but sadly all I can speak of is watching Marilyn leave me in the mud; the girl is damn fast now. I had to keep reminding myself to run my w/o while eating more than enough pride. After that session, I’m looking forward to something where I can catch my breath rather than run in gasps.

After the previous day’s session, arriving at the trailhead on Sunday morning and hearing that Hicham had a sore chest and was worried about his asthma was music to me ears. The man is in top form and I was concerned he’d burry me out on the course, but instead I experienced what was probably my most pleasant run out at Thetis in the last few months. We reached the car after 1h50 and fearing an imminent increase in the duration of my long runs, I left Hicham and tacked on a few additional minutes.

I’m off to see the chiropractor tomorrow, it appears the bike accident a few weeks ago may have caused more damage than expected. Here’s hoping I mend quickly.

Friday: easy 1:17:50
Saturday: 1:15:29 with 3x(5’ 10kP (1.5’), 2.5’ 5kP) (1.5’)
Sunday: easy/steady 2:03:28

Weekly mileage: 7h41’13”, +/- 108k or 68 miles