Sunday, February 8

Boston Marathon (10-weeks out)

Commitment: my weekend didn’t quite go according to plan, does it ever, but if nothing else it brought clarity to the work that needs to be done between now and Boston.

The workout on Saturday called for 8x1k continuous, alternating marathon pace/10k pace. I’d done something similar in 2006 when training for Ottawa, although that session was 2x5k. I wanted to hit 3:45 & 3:30 but was surprised with a) the inconsistency in my running and b) the difficulty I had getting my head in the game. Granted, I believe this was my first time back on the track since last March but still, ouch.

I took the workout for what it was, a solid training session, and it has allowed me to focus on what needs to be accomplished. Times and HR (AHR, MAX) as follows:

3:47 (154, 160), 3:33 (164, 165)
3:48 (160, 164), 3:36 (162, 163)
3:51 (158, 161), 3:33 (162, 164)
3:50 (159, 162), 3:28 (164, 167)

As for today, I enjoyed a much-welcomed jaunt with the boys on what was once a routine loop out at Thetis Lake. Carter, Tim and Hicham even lulled me into thinking it was going to be an easy run; they even had me convinced for the briefest of moments that I’d be setting the pace. Why do I never learn? Regardless, thanks boys for a truly enjoyable run.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and until later ~ cheers!

Friday: easy 1:03:53
Saturday: 1:23:12 with 8x1k continuous, AHR136
Sunday: easy 1:43:42

Weekly mileage: 7h37’15”, +/- 107k or 67 miles


Private said...

Last year I had a few sessions that involved changing between different race paces - seriously confused the bejaysus out of me. On workout days I know two paces - fast and easy. I'm lost with anything else.

The 10k paced splits all seem fairly consistent, especially considering it was your first time on the track in an age. It generally takes me a few weeks to get the rhythm of running on the track again.

Mike said...

Nice workout. Five miles at under 6-per - sort of like a structured "tempo fartlek".

In a couple of weeks I'm going to be getting back to tempo/threshold stuff as the focus - perhaps I'll try out one of these workouts. From the looks of them, they'd probably be very effective for upping my endurance.

Anonymous said...