Tuesday, February 3

Well that was interesting

Given the scheduled workout, I decided to wear my HRM hoping to get some feedback on my perceived “marathon effort” pacing. I also wanted to compare the data with similar workouts I did in 2006 & 2007. Unfortunately, old age must be setting in as I completely forgot how FRUSTRATING the Polar RS 200 is. I know it’s not polite but the manufactures of the RS 200 can kiss my sweat stained shorts!

As my MHR is around 186 the information on the first set is misleading, the next two are probably (and I can only guess) more accurate. The times and HR information (AHR, MAX) is as follows:

15:00 (160, 221)
15:03 (148, 159)
15:02 (148, 160)

I feel better now (sorry).

Following a visit with the chiropractor, I started my run later than usual. The sun had set and whatever warmth the day might have held was gone. Still, +2C on a clear and windless night isn’t anything to be shaking your fist at. After a gentle warm-up, I arrived at the start of my special Broadmead Loop (read undulating). Easing into the first interval, I was amazed at how smooth I felt and couldn’t help but question whether I was going fast enough. I decided to let experience win this debate and trusted my senses and rather just enjoyed feeling good.

The second piece was remarkably like the first and it wasn’t until half-way through the third that anything changed. I was running in a particularly dark stretch of road, towering conifers overhead, when without any notice I swore I was being attacked my a flock of vicious owls. Do owls travel in flocks? The hooting and hollering almost had me in hysterics; I dropped the pace for a few seconds before dialing it back into my comfortable rhythm and grinning at the darkness.

Monday: day off/core (scheduled)
Tuesday: 1:24:39 with 3x15’ ME (3’)


Cliff said...

Max HR of 221? You must have a heart of a humming bird :)

I rarely had prob w/ my RS 200. In the cold weather, it can be flaky at times.

Mike said...

It would seem to be better than the Garmin HRM - that thing flakes out on me for the first mile if it's under 45 degrees F.

Anonymous said...

Owls will flock (referred to as a parliament of owls) outside of breeding season (still a month or two away) so it's entirely possible.

I had one attack me a couple of weeks ago on Despard (between St Charles and Gonzales), it scared the bejesus out of me.

Love2Run said...

That's a neat picture of what looks like a slightly deranged owl. Don't run in the dark!

Michael said...

Cliff I must have misled you, my MRH is about 183-186... perhaps. And Mike, every day that passes is a day that is a little lighter:)

Anonymous said...