Tuesday, February 24

A Storm Approaches

I’ve been anxious about my running lately, what with my knee continuing to cause me grief a week after the knock. That alone isn’t too bad, but with the next few weeks crucial to the marathon preparation it has forced me to take drastic measures.


Last night, I gave my legs a good once over and then continued to work on my calves and quads for almost an hour. I felt marginally better this morning but rather than put things to the test I chose to walk around tentatively with crossed fingers. After work today, I also managed to sneak in with Jaymie McGowan, a physiotherapist and my new savior. She didn’t think my meniscus was bruised but rather that the kneecap wasn’t tracking properly (I believe there is a much more technical name but it escapes me at the moment).

The true test came 40’ after the session when I went out for my run. My knee was sore (acutely) for the first 2’-3’ but then the pain faded and I carried on. I slowly began to wind things up, and on a blustery evening when the skies were on the verge of opening up I experienced what was my most enjoyable run in weeks. For the first time in a long while, my right leg felt as if it was firing properly. And now, I’m eagerly anticipating tomorrow.

Until later…

Monday: day off/core (scheduled)
Tuesday: steady 1:16:35


Davie said...

Stumbled upon your blog via a friend's. The following exercise might help, although your physio should have known it!
Sit on the floor or on a table with a rolled up towel under your thigh so that your knee is bent. using your quads, straighten your leg. When you can do the exercise for 3 sets of 10, turn your toes out about 25degrees and continue the exercise. This should strengthen the vastus medialis muscle that controls tracking in your knee as well as straightening the leg through the last few degrees of extension e.g stepping onto a curb.

Hope that helps!


Marc said...

Great painting! I also loved the picture of Isla in your earlier post.

Good to hear you had a good run after what I've been reading.

I also enjoy Dirty Old Town, though I only lived in the UK for five years it really does bring the grit of industrial England to the fore.

As far as your knee - have you applied plenty of stout?

Cliff said...

Hey Michael,

sucks to hear about the knee problem. For me, i know i get some left knee pain once in a while. Usually like you, the beginning of the run, it will come and after a few minutes it will go away.

Hopefully the Jaymie did a good job in taking care of the knee cap :0). Is there any particular exercise you can do? For me, it use to be my weak left quads and unbalance muscle is the culprit to nagging knee pain.

Anonymous said...