Thursday, February 5

So what is self motivation

The last couple of days have been relatively easy, or at least that was the way they were scheduled.

After promising to run to work with Carter on Wednesday morning, I had to change my plans last minute and ended up jogging home by myself. I’d much prefer the company. As good as I felt on Tuesday, yesterday I was running with legs that weren’t mine but rather belonging to an individual much more… profound than I.

As for today, I picked up right where I left of on Wednesday. Slow but steady. I wore my HRM again and was surprised by the average reading. Not that I think it was wrong, but that it was so low. I remember, God I sound old, when I would return from a run and my AHR would be 142-144 but then that was 10+ years ago. Ouch.

All the best with your running this weekend. As for me, Saturday will see me return to the track for the first time in almost a year. Ah, the fun and games.

Until later ~ cheers

Wednesday: easy 45:25
Thursday: easy 1:16:24, AHR 127


Thomas said...

I usually take the low AHR readings as a sign that my aerobic shape is getting maxed out.

Mike said...

. . . . . the relentless pursuit of excellence!!

(or at least doing our best to drag our butts out of bed in hopes of becoming a little better than we are right now) :)

Marc said...

Hope the track goes well today.

A flock of owls...wasn't there a band of that name in the 80's?

Anonymous said...