Wednesday, July 15


In order for me to get in a run on Friday, I took advantage of the commute and ran home from work. The idea seemed good at the time, and Monday, well it was an entire weekend away.

After a solid workout and an accompanying long run, I found myself staring into an empty shed… and wondering why on earth I ran home on Friday. This missing piece to this story involves a lonely bike that was securely locked-up in the sub-basement at work. I suffered the entire way as I jogged down an empty Quadra Street on a quite Monday morning.

Tuesday, I rested.


As for today, I fully expected to feel good on my run home, or at least I thought I deserved to feel good. If nothing else, my mindset was correct. And so it was on a balmy July afternoon, I wallowed in the discomfort as I paced out an undulating route home. I need to make sure that I stay on top of the training and not the other way around.



Monday: easy 36:44 (unscheduled)

Tuesday: day off (unscheduled)

Wednesday: easy 1:06:14