Thursday, July 2

Sidney Days 5k

Yesterday was the last of three planned summer 5k events and it left me wanting... not an entirely bad feeling, but something I certainly didn’t expect.

After taking a month down after Boston, I spent the last several weeks getting in touch with my turnover and speed: I managed to jump on the track several times, tweak my achilles (actions not necessarily connected) and participated in my most feared event, not once but three times.

So it was that yesterday, Canada Day, the girls and I drove out to Sidney on a gorgeous summer morning to participate in the Sidney Days 5k. Despite a sore throat (Isla has been sick); I was looking forward to the event and if nothing else, enjoying the day with family. After scanning the 2008 results, I was amazed at the turnout. Not only were there an additional 100+ participants, but the calibre of runner was much higher. Still, after a routine warm-up with Hicham I found myself starring down Bevan Avenue and directly into the sun.

Once the gun had gone off, I quickly became engulfed in sea of arms, I felt in the midst of a 300+ participant track event. Even after splitting the opening kilometre in 3:16, I still found myself surrounded with unfamiliar completion and in about 30th place... I couldn’t help but think it might be once of ‘those’ days.

It was after roughly one mile that the field started to come back. I settled in about 3m behind Hicham, confident that riding his coattail would see me through (my goal was 16:XX). After taking stock around 2k (no marker) I was a bit surprised with my comfort and despite being nervous, opted to pass Hicham knowing now that I was now going to be running scared.

We covered kilometres 2 & 3 in 6:58 (3:29 avg.) which was disappointing, enough said. I could still see Kevin Searle down the road, and despite being out of reach he wasn’t too far away that I couldn’t attach an imaginary line and hope for a free ride. Over the last two kilometres (3:28, 3:24) I really concentrated on my turnover and that imaginary line. I was also aware of the conversation I was having with myself, but unlike the typical negative self-talk, the nattering this time around was a positive exchange. I knew it was going to be tough, but I believed I was going to slide under 17:00 with just a few seconds to spare.

My office time, 17:07, the result... satisfying. Over the last 6+ weeks I’ve managed to improve my 5k by 20” (Black Press 5000 17:27, Twilight Shuffle 5k 17:23 & Sidney Days 5k 17:07). Outside of the performance though, what I’m taking away most from this small training block is a) a renewed desire to run, b) positive self-talk and c) a sore throat... being sick in the summer sucks.


Monday: easy 30:20 with 6xstrides

Tuesday: easy 18:29

Wednesday: 1:05:12 with Sidney Days 5k 17:07, 12th OA, 4th AG

Thursday: easy 50:38


Chris said...

Like you improved better than you think, 5000m theoretically is faster than the road and Twilight was rolly....also gravelley as you well know. Nice work.

Mark said...

minus the sore throat I think a 16:xx was in the works. Congrats on pulling a lo-17s

Thomas said...

That's a very, very solid time, congratulations. Getting faster over the last 2Ks is tough.

Improvements over the 5K distance are always measured in mere seconds, and you did rather well over the series.

Mike said...

Great race Michael - dropping 20 seconds in such a short time is very impressive.

Nice job!

Anonymous said...

these sort of events are really enjoyable!!

Grellan said...

Great race Michael, Everything is going in the right direction.


yes good race and nice improvement!
keep them positive vibes coming!

Anonymous said...