Wednesday, July 8

Each Peach Pear Plum

With the missus away, I’ve just finished playing Mr. Mom which this week means reading Each Peach Pear Plum innumerable times; luckily I’m easily amused. And now, with a steaming cup of Wild Sweet Orange tea nestled up against the keyboard, I can enjoy a rare quiet moment.

Yesterday, after weeks of glorious sunshine I found myself staring at the drops of rain as they ran down my office window. And with an upset stomach to boot.

With 4xmile on the schedule, I had originally thought I might jog up to Vic High but the idea of running multiple laps on a wet, muddy dirt track somehow didn’t seem as appealing. Luckily, with me working in town I decided to take advantage of the old horse oval, jogged over to Beacon Hill, and ran session there. I borrowed the w/o from the corresponding week of my Sacramento build, the plan was to descend the set, 10k to 5k effort (5:36, 5:32, 5:28 & 5:24); the reality wasn’t nearly as smooth.

Unless I check my pacing every 200m, I tend to open this sort of workout too fast. Hell, I open every workout too fast. With this in mind, I made sure to hold back on the first mile and concentrated on settling into a comfortable rhythm (5:34). During that lap, I broke the loop into three segments and I decided to run the last section more aggressively on my second mile. I smiled looking at the time (5:27), but knew that I had just delivered myself a knockout blow if I was to run the session properly. Ouch.

Despite running 2/3’s of the third mile quite strongly, I wasn’t surprised with the result (5:30). I now knew that my last mile was going to be a battle. After shaking out my arms and dodging a few peacocks, I started the last interval content on at least equalling my previous best. The first half went reasonably well but I could feel arms and shoulders tightening up. Rounding the last corner, I turned back into the park only to jump up onto the grass to dodge an unforgiving motorist. Pleasantly, this only fuelled the fire and I was able to squeak out the result I was looking for… not the planned 5:24, but a victory all the same.

The jaunt home was a disaster. It wasn’t until much later that evening that I realized I had just averaged four 5:30 miles, 6.2 km at 17:05 5k pace… not too shabby given last weeks 17:07 performance.


Monday: day off (scheduled)

Tuesday: 1:28:41 with 4x1600 (2’) 10kP-5kP

Wednesday: easy 38:45


Grellan said...

Not a bad workout at all. What was the recovery period between the miles?

The tendency to start every speed session too fast is universal.


Impressive set of numbers, going back a few years [well ok quite a few, 2004] I use to nock out mile times similar to your current workout, the result was I ended up running 16.48 on the track.
So I think the money is on you to go sub 17 very soon!

Thomas said...

When the twins were two, I read them 2 stories each night. When they were 3, I read them 3 stories each night. When they were 4, I read them 4 stories, plus one for baby Cian. When they were 5 I had to stop this - going to bed would have taken an hour of reading each night. Still, I miss those days. I'm sure I had a closer relationship with them back then.

Very nice pace, but doesn't JD state that repeats at that pace should not exceed 5 minutes each?

Mark said...

interesting to see how recovery comes along after such a macho workout.

hey, this hicham the same as in this article?

Dr. Evil said...

Yes, this is the same Hicham, but he is far from intimidating. And he wore the yellow Boston shirt because nothing else was clean. For more, stay tuned to Denise Helm's comment section.

Happy running.

Anonymous said...

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