Wednesday, July 22


The joys of developing, or at the very least selecting your own training program dictate that you get to call the shots. This approach can work well if a) you’re lucky, or b) have some experience to draw from. The approach though isn’t without its pitfalls, as it lacks oversight… that independent individual who brings reason to the foreground. And for people like me, who will follow a program blindly into the ground, this is a very real risk.


As I begin my preparation for the RVM, I can only hope for luck. But failing that, I do have experience to draw from… both the good (Sacramento & Ottawa) and the bad (London & Boston).

All that said, I purposely scheduled weeks 12, 9, 6 and 3 for recovery. Needless to say, and given where I’m at in the program, the last few day have been enjoyable as I’ve taken advantage of some gorgeous summer weather, a random encounter with a good friend and an extra spring in my step.


If I didn’t know any better, I’d almost question whether the training has truly begun.



Monday: day off (scheduled)

Tuesday: easy 44:34

Wednesday: steady 48:01


Anonymous said...

Heya Mike! Great to read that you are feeling good! I plan on running the 5km on the 14th so let's go after 16:XX!

Michael said...

I'll be well into marathon training but I'll give it a go. Will Chris let you run with the boys?

Chris said...

I answered your other questions at that other blog regarding whether Mike you can or can't run in the open race. SO you might want to go see the answer.

As for Mar, well that depends on some factors, which are answered indirectly in that answer, I eluded to, which is located at that other blog I refered to in the first paragraph, where I say, you might want to go see the answer.

online registration should be up soon, or pay cash at the race. You have a 15 minute window to pay ha ha ha. I made it 6 to 6:15 to pay on day of....ha ha...madman...I am I am.

Anonymous said...