Friday, July 24

Cruel and Unusual

With Ally away this weekend at a hen party, Isla and I have been given complete run of the house. Papa gets to watch his choice of movie while nursing a cold beer and the wee one can enjoy plums and blueberries to her heart’s content. Sadly, without the extra pair of hands the prospect of me getting out for a run let alone a workout on Saturday was doubtful. Sunday, even less likely. With this in mind, I took advantage of a late start at work and squeezed in a track session early this morning.


Surprisingly, as I drove toward Oak Bay, it felt as if every ounce of energy was being sucked from my body. The enthusiasm I displayed as I slid out of the car was reminiscent of a child at bedtime. Completing a solid workout was in doubt.

As I sat on the bleachers lacing up my flats, I watched Seamus was finish-up his workout. He didn’t look nearly as fluid as when he was knocking off a multitude of 27” 200s a few weeks back, and we concluded that there must be something in the air… I had my out. If Seamus couldn’t run well that morning, why should I begin?

Not wanting to delay the inevitable, I decided to forgo the usual strides and hopped straight into the first repeat. It was half way through the first lap that the right-hand side of my back seized, completely taking my breath away. I cruised for a few strides, trying to decide whether to pull the plug but my determination (stupidity) won out and I carried on.

Although I could feel the strain during the remaining intervals, running didn’t seem to make it any worse. I stretched my back during each recovery, would toe the line and then run a controlled 1200. The consistency was uncanny: 4:01, 4:01, 3:59, 3:59

Typically in a session like this, I would split the first 200 in :37, complete the 400 in 1:22 and have to sprint to make up a 3-4” deficit on the last lap. Today, I split almost every 400 on 80” and was surprised how relaxed I felt, particularly during each closing lap. Welcome to the weekend.

P.s. My back is now worse and the idea of chasing around a highly energetic 15 month old child is going to be a challenge.


Thursday: easy 45:31

Friday: 1:07:35 with 4x1200m 5kP (400m)


Thomas said...

In one way we're in the same position; I'm home alone with one child to mind as well.

I hope your back gets better soon. I had some back spasms for a few days last year after lifting a heavy load. As uncomfortable as it was, it didn't affect my running at all. In fact, the endorphins after a couple of miles made the pain go away.

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