Sunday, July 5

Regroup and Recover

The Sidney Days 5k has been a means to an end. Running three 5k races within a short period of time has allowed me to remain focused/excited while working on the larger agenda, i.e. regaining my enthusiasm and foot speed. With this objective in mind, I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve set aside this week and next as a transition period of sorts. Having just come off a block where I’ve been running, 100s, 200s and 400s, I’ve given myself some latitude over the next two weeks to have some fun and recoup, before approaching a marathon build that I haven’t tried before, but one that I’m very excited about... if for no other reason than its simplicity; more on that later.

All that said and done the last few days have been good, Sunday particularly satisfying. With a day packed full of adventure (Strawberry Festival followed with a b-day party), I had a small window of opportunity. Given the warm weather we’ve been enjoying, I was out the door shirtless and after dropping off the previous night’s DVD, it was a loop of Cedar Hill, up and over Mount Tolmie, around the university campus before running through Mount Doug and home. As enjoyable as the jaunt was, the real kicker for me was how effortless everything felt. This is not to be confused with easy… but despite the undulating route, I felt comfortable and ran as if on cruise control.

Lastly, “A Touch of France” continues, and on a day where Columbia HTC displayed superior tactics, I dished out steak au poivre avec frites… damn I’m good, perhaps even better than that Cavendish bloke.


Friday: steady 48:53

Saturday: day off (unscheduled but planned)

Sunday: steady 1:28:28

Weekly mileage: 5h02’00”, +/- 71k or 44 miles