Thursday, October 4

Lotbiniere (redux)

I would’ve loved to have seen the look on my face this evening as, when not more than three minutes after I left the house to go for a run, one of my best friends (who moved to England not less than three weeks ago) pulled up beside me in a car? Yeah, that’s what I thought. What the fuck?

He and his wife had applied for Canadian citizenship more than eighteen months ago and as luck would have it, they received their letter in the mail the day after they boarded a flight back to the UK. So, as a result we enjoyed many a pint and laugh this evening but not until “after” my workout, and what a workout it was.

Lotbiniere, or a part there of, times sixteen. If I was tapering for a race I wouldn’t normally do this workout but given that I’m training through this weekends half marathon I launched myself into today’s exercise with an amazing amount of pent up energy… and felt fantastic, tired mind you , but fantastic!

Training: 52:22 with 16x 35” hills (35”)

P.s. Redux quotes,” The worst problem of the 21st century is that many people want positions of leadership, but they don't want to make difficult decisions”.

P.p.s. Thanks for all the encouragement and support concerning being a father, I appreciate it more than you know.