Wednesday, October 17

When you’re your own worst enemy

Over the next two weeks, I’m going to have to make like Eric and keep it short and sweet as much of my time will be spent at the new house painting, installing a set of French doors and a small amount of dry walling… such was the case this evening. I returned from a longer than usual day at work which consequently reduced my self-imposed run timeframe to zero. I’m thinking about running tomorrow morning to ensure this won’t happen again, but as I’m tired (which I doubt will change much in a few short hours), coupled with the fact that Greater Victoria is supposed to receive its first winter storm this evening (wind and rainfall warning in effect), I wouldn’t place a lot of money on my running shoes moving from where they rest now, quietly perched at the back door taunting me.

Tuesday: day off (scheduled)
Wednesday: day off (unscheduled)


Eric said...

This, too, shall pass...haha. Enjoy the break, and don't get bent out of shape with the 'homework'. Make sure you're having fun, even if you are hanging drywall. Cheers!

Michael said...

Thanks for the laugh, I hate painting just as much as I hate hanging drywall. But, you're right, it'll all be over in another week.

Anonymous said...