Thursday, October 11

Where dreams are made

With my next marathon (only) 14 weeks away, it is time to begin training in earnest. The moment has arrived where I start increasing the volume, cranking up the distance of the long runs and transition (slowly) into marathon specific workouts. With this in mind, today was all about time on my feet, and a goal of 1h20. That said, and given my (complete) lack of longer mid-week runs, and in an effort to ensure I accomplished my goal, I devised a route that would distract me (should it be needed) from any fatigue and bring me home with a smile on my face. Or, at the very least home. The route, the Governor General’s Gardens, Moss Rock, Ross Bay Cemetery, the Chinese Cemetery, Trafalgar Park, Anderson Hill, and (my favourite) Walbran Park via “the” stairs.

It was during the last 10’ that I realized I would be home with minutes/seconds to spare. My mind quickly transported me to a place where I found only Gebrselassie, Tergat and me slowly squeezing the noose in the final mile. The pace, once comfortable, now in a zone where dreams are made… and then, it happens, I sprint across the line, punching the air and stopping the clock in 1:19:46. In my mind, this time corresponds to a 2:39:46 marathon and in so doing I’ve achieved my sub 2:40 dream.

Post-run, I met my run group at a local brewpub to relive last weekend’s events, sharing stories, supporting any fabrication where needed, and congratulating each other on success. I believe I even managed to convince a significant portion of the group to partake in the upcoming Thetis Lake Triple Crown. The last 3+ months has been fantastic experience and I’m definitely going to miss their enthusiasm, determination and perseverance, but with some luck, a few of us will be doing it all over again in the new year.

Training: 1:19:46 easy