Tuesday, October 23

The thought of twins

No Ally is not having twins, or at least we don’t know that yet.

Even now as I type, my chest hurts, and it was meant to be an easy run. Having bumbled through a mediocre summer, only to experience a cold and wet fall, today’s balmy temperature (16C) and deep blue skies intensified my desire to run. I yearned to kick my way through the fallen leaves enjoying an effortless stride; unfortunately, this was not to be. I hadn’t been out for more than two minutes, all of it downhill, and I knew today’s run was going to be a struggle. With this realization I decided to focus on the gorgeous day and relish the fresh air and the fact that I was out running, I let my mind wander. The house, Ally being pregnant, the new job I just applied for, Ally being pregnant with twins… suddenly my gait changed, my chest constricted and my vision blurred. Why was the thought of Ally having twins, a thought that only a few weeks ago we both romanticized about, suddenly causing me to have a panic attack? Have I been working too hard? It was as if someone was sitting on my chest. I focused on relaxed, the grass, and the colour that autumn brings and slowly, little by little, that person eased their weight.

Are these thoughts normal? Perhaps the seed was planted last night when Ally asked whether or not two babies could fit in the new crib we just purchased?

What if it was triplets - that aforementioned person sitting on my chest was suddenly a sumo wrestler.

Training: exhausting 29:10


Chris said...

You are having triplets.

It was not 16. At the airport it was 19, which means inland it was as warm as 22 - 23, like my back yard.

Check out the Lydiard clinic on the Harriers Calendar....Nov 17

Thomas said...

I can tell you from experience that twins are great - if you don't mind not sleeping for the first 6 months, that is. You can always buy a second crib; in fact, you'd need 2 of almost everything.

What brought all that on, anyway?

Michael said...

Hey Thomas, I have no idea what brought all that on, perhaps just the random thought process of an overtired individual. I told Ally about it when she came home and she just laughed at me, thankfully she has a sense of humour otherwise it wouldn’t have gone over well.

Anonymous said...