Wednesday, October 10

New Shoes

Even after stretching last night, the first time in a couple weeks, and taking into account Sunday’s race, I was still left with legs that were fiercely aching and me wondering why? I couldn’t remember the last time feeling this uncomfortable.

It wasn’t until this morning when I was leaving the house, seeing my worn shoes outside the back entrance, that answer to my problem presented itself. I needed new shoes. And so, like a moth drawn to light, I spent the first 5’ of this evenings jaunt making my way to Frontrunners where waiting for me on the counter was new pair of the old faithful. After a quick switch, I thoroughly enjoyed the subsequent 35’ around the park, Terry and all. I always seem to forget the simple things.

Training: 39:52 easy


Mike said...

Those look more like doggie chew-toys than running shoes. You certainly manage to get a lot of use out of each pair.

No wonder the legs feel better now!

Michael said...

Fortunately, I can’t take credit for those being my running shoes otherwise although I would be good at managing to get a lot out of each pair, I would also be stupid! No, those shoes are 100% doggie chew-toys.

Anonymous said...