Wednesday, October 24

Shadows of a runner

I’m off to the house again this evening as soon as the girl gets home, so with an abbreviated running window today’s scheduled 6x1k wasn’t an option. Rather, with the BC Cross Country Championships being held at Beacon Hill Park this weekend, I decided to run my 15x1’ workout on the unrelenting course. My favourite portion by far was running east along the southern edge, the wind at my back and the sun casting long shadows over the grass of a tall, swift runner. The course is still there, so is a piece of me.

Training: 48:40 with 15x1’ (1’)


Anonymous said...

BC XC Championships are being held at Lambrick Park.

brad said...

Hey soon to be dad....

do you know that you have the 93rd fastest marathon in canada this year?

pretty crazy!

Chris said...

Nobby Hashizume speaks!

The co-founder of the lydiard foundation and world's leading authority on the Lydiard method will be on Victoria Radio from 3:30 pm to 4:00 Friday November 2nd. THAT's TOMORROW!

Tune in.

Anonymous said...