Monday, October 22

Renovation needed

With my recent lack of running, I resorted to an old faithful workout of mine, 5 by 5 with a minute recovery. I remember feeling great that morning, a slight drizzle, empty roads and cool air, but for most of the workout I found myself having aspirations of returning to the track next summer and having a go at 2s and 4s. This daydreaming might help explain why the first 30” of each internal felt fantastic? It was just a thought, but one I enjoyed.

Unfortunately, since Saturday’s jaunt I haven’t been running, rather, I’ve been waist deep in home renovations which climaxed last night at 11:50 p.m. as I started to paint the bathroom. I recall feeling very overwhelmed and frustrated at my lack of progress. It was then that I decided to put down the brush, and given that I’d been up at 5:00 that morning, assumed my despair was connected to my physical and mental fatigue and decided to call it a night. There is only less then a week left after which I/we will have to live with the disaster.

Prior to sitting down and beginning this brain dump, I noticed that I’ve scheduled myself an easy week as I’m supposed to be racing this weekend. The easy week couldn’t come at more fortuitous time given my weariness and limited time, but the race, the race is a different story and one that may come and go without me ever treading a foot on the course.

Friday: day off
Saturday: 59:40 with 5x 5’ tempo (1’)
Sunday: day off (unscheduled)
Monday: day off (scheduled)


Thomas said...

Don't forget that an easy week also means not to cram it full with house renovation work.

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