Monday, October 15

Our house, in the middle of our street (almost)

Yesterday I returned to one of my favourite areas to run, Thetis Lake Park. The variety of trails and terrain is almost limitless, and with the possibility of running 3+ hours and not retracing a footstep, time passes in an instant. I’ve had some of my best (and most challenging) runs at Thetis, where adventure is a given, and the company I’ve kept unmatched. The park is also going to host three of my next four races as I prepare for Phoenix and with my trail running ability needing drastic improvement the more time I can spend there the better. As it was, Hicham dragged me around for a steady 70’ and after dropping him off (and licking my wounds), I headed back out and although the pace eased up almost immediately the effort didn’t… more time needed.

Tomorrow evening we get possession of our very own house, and with having to deliver a bank draft to the lawyers this afternoon I decided to forego my usual Monday recovery routine and run the cheque in. I was hoping to do several strides but after four weak attempts, I stopped for the day.

Sunday: 1:38:49 easy
Monday: 44:38 with 4x strides (1’)