Thursday, March 20

Evening Falls

I’m tired.

I experienced a tough go of things this evening. I had to dash home from work evening as a doula was coming over to give us a run down on what to expect on B-day. My excitement has been quietly building over the last nine months but after listening to Heather for an hour I felt we were about to embark on the most unequivocally wonderful adventure of our lives.

I was so excited at this point of the evening that I was disappointed in not being able to be more involved with the birth. Fast-forward an hour and I’d changed my mind.

The prospect of becoming a father is so much more real now. It’s as if I’ve purchased my ticket to parenthood and I want to get the show on the road; I’m finished with waiting around.

After Heather left, I quickly changed into my kit and was out the door with nothing but the setting sun and Enya to keep me company (that is the last time I select random when filling my shuffle). With a short window of opportunity and a brisk breeze, I started the workout after only a brief warm-up. I was a bit erratic for the first few kilometers (3:55, 3:44, 3:46, 3:53, 3:50, 3:51…) but I eventually settled down.

Oh, and I did something yesterday that most people might find odd… or stupid. I changed my training program with only ten weeks remaining. After listening to a good friend talk, and after some research I’ve decided to invest my energy in only two workouts a week (one of them being a structured long run) with the remaining days full of easy mileage. With the baby on the way, this will give me more flexibility… and I’m also a sucker for punishment.

Wednesday: easy 55:46
Thursday: 1:24:21 with 1h at 3:50 pace/km


Thomas said...

With the changes that are in wait for you I can only suggest that you will be flexible as far as training is concerned.

Exciting times are ahead.

Brad Cunningham said...

Which friend changed your mind? More details!

Marc said...

I find your change in plan neither odd nor stupid, but rather a common sense approach to the adventure of parenthood on which you are about to embark.

Tired? You don't know tired yet :)

Chris said...

I have to agree - you don't know tired yet.

And the changes are exciting.

And flexibility will be huge.

You just may skip the odd run to just lay there and stare at your child while he/she naps...then fall asleep too.

Anonymous said...