Tuesday, March 4

Final preparations

I went down to Oak Bay track this evening for a final sharpening session leading into the race on Sunday. After a gentle warm up along the beach, I arrived back at the field just as Hugh was finishing his first circuit. After quickly disrobing, I jumped in behind him a proceeded to count off eight comfortable and relaxed laps.

1:17, 1:20, 1:16, 1:18, 1:18, 1:20, 1:19, 1:19

Half way through the workout, Hicham popped by to cheer us on as he waited for his Tuesday night group to show. Thanks to him, I will be showing up at the race “on” time. It appears that this is the only Island Series race that begins at 9:00 with all the others starting at 11:00… to make matters worse, the clocks spring forward on Saturday (just what I need).

Training: 55:50 with 8x400 at 5k pace (90”)


Chris said...

Mike I think based on following your blog and all that, you are capable of a very solid race come Sunday - forget the hour - out of your control...

What you are in control of you seem to be doing a nice job with....kick butt, have a great race - I am sure you will anyway - BIG PB!!!!!

Woot brotha!

Cliff said...

Hey Mike,

Let us know how you do. Drop the hammer on Sun =D

Brad Cunningham said...

good luck lordy! go fast!

Marc said...

On your previous post the quote,“Some people don't have the guts for distance racing, the polite term for them is sprinters,” gave me quite a chuckle as well.

Regarding the morning running (and I haven't had a chance to read others' responses, so this may be redundant, my apologies), early morning running allows me to continue my training with as little impact to family time as possible. It is also a matter of equity. My wife has been home with the boys since they got home from school for several hours before I arrive home, and for me to trot off for an hour plus run, not to mention the post- and pre-run rituals, while she prepares dinner, gets the boys started on homework, etc, just doesn't seem right. Plus, the trasffic is much more benign in the early hours.

Of course the disadvantage is having to wake up early.

Anonymous said...