Sunday, March 30

Pleasantly Knackered

It’s been a long week. I’d planned this to be my 100% volume week (ten hours) but due to an Easter Sunday on Galiano, the previous seven days topped out at an impressive 11h20’51” (approximately 158km or 99 miles)… epic!

Friday was tough, my legs were sore from my titanic workout the previous day. Ally and I had arranged to have dinner at her parent’s house on the peninsula and so I set off from the house, my homing beacon already flashing, zeroing in on some promised ribs and what would be a well deserved Guinness. Unfortunately for me, my jaunt was an unwanted test as I struggled into a chilly northern breeze while being pelted with sleet and snow. Maine and North Dakota, you can keep you wintry weather.

After enjoying a pleasant Saturday morning excursion at Thetis Lake with the clinic, I awoke this morning feeling beat. This was not what I required. Making it worse, and better, I’d planned to run a portion of this morning’s run with a fleet footed friend (his marathon PB 20’+ faster than mine). My grumbling aside, the run almost didn’t happen as 30’ before I left the house Ally started having contractions, one every 10’ – 12’… they eased off but she insisted I take the cell phone.

After a short warm-up I started into the first interval and clicked off kilometers at a steady 3:37-3:40, which although is my tempo goal, felt more reminiscent of my 5k race pace. It was one of those days.

Jim met me seconds after the first session ended and kept me company for the following hour before darting up a varsity trail and leaving my flat footed.

The last interval session sucked!

Still, after enjoying a great home cooked meal and a pint or three later, my recollection of any previous discomfort is quickly fading. I hope everyone had an enjoyable and successful weekend!

Friday: easy 1:09:17
Saturday: easy 1:54:32 at Thetis Lake
Sunday: 2:24:48 with 2x4-miles tempo (3:37-3:40 km/pace)


Love2Run said...

Curious how things appear rosier after a beer or three. You've had a super week nonetheless. I'm wondering how you'll be able to fit in Ottawa with the baby so near. All the best to you and Ally (and babe).

Grellan said...

Very impressive weeks running.

I'm with Mike - would the post have read "knackered" without the Guinness. Although to get "pleasant" and run a 99 mile week must be very rewarding.

Best of luck with the contractions.

Michael said...

I don't really know "how" I'm going to fit in Ottawa with the baby so near. Thomas managed to run with his little one?

I know the running is helping me with stress at the moment, and I also know that if I don't train, my chance of getting there is "really" slim. Oh, and my sister who lives in Toronto registered for the half...

We'll see, all I can do is cross my fingers:)

Brad Cunningham said...

I got all excited when I read "Knackered", wondering if somehow you snuck into the Knee Knackering North Shore Run.

As for Boston, I am not sure about next year. I will see how this year goes and then look at next season in the fall. I am not saying no, but I am not saying yes. And I will want to see how you get out of the house with the new one hangin' around....

Eric said...

Sounds terrific. Reminds me...I need to pull a three-Guinness evening sometime soon.

Good week. Stay on top of the recovery.

Contractions! We're officially on baby-watch. Keep us posted. Cheers!

Anonymous said...