Monday, March 17

My Goodness

The day isn’t over but it doesn’t look like I’m going to get my wish in having a baby born on St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps it’s for the best.

On Friday I was out of the house earlier than usual so that I could squeeze in my workout prior to the heavens opening, I succeeded. With the smell it cherry blossoms and freshly cut grass in the air, Victoria was at its greatest. Jim had warned me that it was a tough workout but as I was excited, foolishly naive, I decided to opt for a rather undulating route to ensure I wasn’t let off easy. I wasn’t.

The early quick intervals snapped some life into my legs and as I started the first 30’ session I cruised around the back of the campus wondering what all the fuss was about. It was 50’ later that I was amazed at a) the distance I had traveled, and b) that distance that still remained. If there is a running equivalent please let me know, but during the last 10’ of the workout, if I had been cycling I would have described my desperate cadence as “peddling squares”.

This weekend we were lucky enough to be invited to a good friends wedding. On the wild wet coast of the Island, we witnessed a gorgeous ceremony between two wonderful people on a rare sunny afternoon. We even were fortunate to have a few spare moments to sneak in a few hours of surfing.

Friday: 2:10:16 with 8x1’ + 2x30’ MP + 10’ hard
Saturday: surfing 2 hours
Sunday: unscheduled day off
Monday: easy 1:20:24


Thomas said...

Big bump! Good luck with that!!!

Eric said...

Nice pics. Any moment now that bump is going to disappear! Good luck!

BTW, surfing? Which island where? It looks cold!

Michael said...

The baby is due in about three weeks but if Ally’s mom is anything to go by it could be ten days early, which would make it around March 30th. For the last three days we’ve done nothing but enjoy uninterrupted reading in the evenings (taking in all in while we can).

The surfing is something I pretend to do about 3-4 times a year (although the last few occasions were in Maui where it was much warmer). Yes, it was cold but with the sun shining, I couldn’t complain.

Michael said...

Oh, I almost forgot, Vancouver Island (not to be confused with the city of Vancouver, don’t ask).

We were surfing at a place called Chesterman Beach just south of Tofino (famous for its remoteness, rugged beauty and Long Beach). The beach is on the west coast of the island, next stop... Japan.

Anonymous said...