Tuesday, March 11

A wing and a prayer

I found a photos from the race here. I believe I’d stopped concentrating on form at this point, either that or I really hope the twist in my upper body was a prelude to the turnaround. Regardless, I was running on fumes. I laugh now thinking back to the conversation I was having (obviously not concentrating on the race). I remember trying to persuade my body not to give in to the lactic acid, rather to try and remain fluid and relaxed, but in the end I caved and focused instead on survival.

The run this evening was good. My right calf was a little sore while warming up but after an easy 20’ on trails my body felt loose. After reflecting on the race with a friend this morning, my body feels strangely better now than prior to the race. It’s as if the race worked some kinks out… odd really.

Training: 1:20:11 with 4x(4’ 10kP, 30” easy, 4’ HMP) (1’)

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