Tuesday, March 18

My Guinness

… okay I don’t have it yet but rest assured that as soon as I’m done typing I’m going to be dashing to the fridge.

My run this evening was okay but I didn’t feel as smooth as I would’ve liked. That and my stomach was acting up on the last interval (completely unnecessary).

I’m enjoying the shift to marathon training but with little over ten weeks until race day I definitely feel a sense of urgency. Still, with the baby only weeks away me showing up at he start line on race day will be a winning achievement. My goal this time around is to run a comfortable race and qualify for Boston, which I hope to run next spring.

I’m thirsty.

A.M. easy 31:19
P.M. 1:29:20 with 3x(7’ 10kP, 90” MP, 3’ 10kP) (4’)