Thursday, March 13

Round Here

With a monster workout scheduled for tomorrow and Tuesday’s descent session, I took it easy the last couple of days. Yesterday I was out running around Mount Doug for the first time since the cougar warning (two weeks ago… I scare easily). I always take for granted the accessibility and beauty of the hill only minutes from my doorstep. With the Counting Crows crooning in my ears and the sun peeking through the trees, I was lost within seconds.

Today I was fantastic. Do you ever have those days where your shoulders are relaxed, your arm carriage gentle and your feet ticking along to an unseen metronome that leaves you feeling light, in control and smooth… that was me, and I relished every moment.

On the pregnancy front, I accompanied Ally to the doctor on Tuesday for her regularly scheduled checkup. We both smiled when the doctor told us, what felt like for the first time in ages that the pregnancy (Ally and baby) were perfectly normal, almost boringly so. That said our eyes almost popped out of our respective heads when she informed us that Ally was 1-cm dilated! Who knew, we certainly didn’t. With the all the recent drama in our lives we haven’t been able to schedule any pregnancy classes, apparently I have some learning to accomplish with a dwindling window of opportunity.

Tomorrow we leave for Tofino as a good friend is getting married there on Saturday. It has been a while since I’ve been on the west coast of the island and we’re both looking forward to the chance to relax with friends in a truly wonderful surrounding.

Wednesday: comfortable 1:02:49
Thursday: smooth 38:57